The human brain has the gift of thought, of thinking, to be able to contemplate, share and discuss concepts and ideas, to be able to imagine, create and visualise. The thinking component of the brain enables human experiential evolution through this collaboration of ideas and individual perspectives. It is a beautiful gift and within this ability to think exists also the ability or functioning to imagine and visualise a sense of separation from wholeness or ‘All that is’.

An energetic reality (all happening within the brain & felt through the body) is born out of this functioning….a felt sense that I exist separately from everything else within this body/mind. This belief in separation enables individual ‘thinking’ and perspectives to evolve and therefore collective thinking & perspectives evolve as a natural consequence..

Again this is a beautiful gift from ‘All that is’ or God (whatever you refer to as the Source of whatever this experience is). However when we believe only this separation from Source and each other, when we believe that we are solely autonomous, separate beings

personal survival and our personal welfare (and that of our ‘own’ family) is paramount. This is a selfish, animalistic mindset that has developed within humanity and now seems to be coming to a head.We seem to be reaching a critical point in time whereby we have opportunity to discover the ultimate Truth of our shared Being; beyond the illusion of mental separation.

This gift of individual experiencing can seem to be our greatest curse when the Source or God or Grace is ripe to remember itself; its origins; the heart of Being. This gift of separation can begin to feel so isolating as Source begins to stir within us; we begin to awaken from our slumber of separation, we sense our connectedness or unity and yet appearances feel separate. This can be an agonising, confusing time. The mind desperately tries to fix the sense of unease and instability but it can’t – IT IS the unease and separation.

It is all ok – consciousness or Source is waking up to itself though us all – one by one.

Again the mind or mental functioning is a wonderful tool, but it is not who you are, you are not limited to a mind. What you really are is EVERYTHING, God, Source, Life, universal intelligence appearing to be a separate intelligent form. There is no actual separation. Mind is just a functioning through you.

Everything originates from Source and Source functions or lives, as it were, through this vehicle that we call the human Being.

When the human begins to excessively suffer its human experience it can be an indicator that consciousness (Source) is ready to ripen, open up to, or remember its true Self. Some refer to this as the heart of Being; beyond thinking (concepts and ideas). Awakening is not always preceded by suffering.

Through the suffering the individual experience (perspectives) begins to be deconstructed. The beliefs in separation begin to be dismantled. All of the fixed ideas that have held the person and its beliefs, ideals and position in place begin to dissolve (can be terrifying).Then the Truth; a heart centred existence can seemingly naturally evolve.

What the human thought were solid, concrete values and beliefs about its place and meaning in life begin to crumble. Our true Self; the heart of Being is emerging through the cracks of suffering. This heart centred perspective is not a personal, effortful ‘trying’ to be nice, good or purposefully altruistic, it is just a natural side effect of sensing others (everything) as oneself, no separation, therefore what you do to another you are doing to yourself. This is usually the experience of a heart centred being. The aspect of our shared/connected Being.

When life is lived through the heart or from the heart (unified consciousness or Being) there is no sense of separation experienced. Of course you are still experiencing life through your unique perspective (your particular flavour or lens) but you are no longer fighting for your individual survival or to be number one in the queue. Life is no longer lived selfishly. You realise that you will always have enough for exactly what you need. It is somehow realised that there is only God or source functioning through you and as you and ‘your’ experience. Of course you still use your mind as your wonderful tool but you no longer believe yourself to be limited to your mental perspectives. You are free from the bondage, shackles and limited notions of separation. You are freed from the prison of ‘not enough as I am’.

The aspect of mind that has seemingly separated itself from Wholeness or Source CONTINUALLY looks for home, peace, love, security or contentment,‘more’ through ‘experiencing’ it can be referred to as the ‘seeking’ mind.

Thought that flows from ‘seeking mind’ (separation) feels incomplete somehow (not constructive)…it always needs more ‘something’…it is grasping. Seeking mind can have a tendency towards reminiscing ‘better’ times from past…or regret or guilt or shame or resentment…need for validation…thought from seeking mind has tendency to dwell in anticipation of future (it seeks stability because it has no foundation).

Seeking mind (energy) thinks it will arrive in peace or completion through the acquisition of pleasure or avoidance of pain, or working something out; understanding something. It always feels unstable, it always needs something or someone to appease it or satiate it (like a baby). Seeking mind – seeking ‘thinking’ is always looking for more for ‘self’. The seeking mind seeks the heart of Being (home) in the ‘timeline’, the personal experience – the life story. The seeking mind and the personal timeline are synonymous really. A separate ‘me’ travelling through time and space from birth to death is the experience of separation from eternal Being or the Heart of Being. Of course the life time is an experience but what we actually are (the eternal heart of Being/ Love that cannot be known) is never limited to that experience.

What the seeking person (aspect) actually wants will never be found in experiencing. The person actually wants the dissolution of the belief in the illusion of separation….it just doesn’t know it.

What is wanted is a heart centred existence. The human yearns the love, completion and fulfilment of the heart of Being…unified consciousness…eternal connection…Love.

When One sees and experiences through the eyes of love, through the heart of Being, there is no timeline, no individual, no life story, no other, no separation. There is an appearance of the latter…but the appearances are no longer taken so seriously…it is realised that they are both real and unreal…empty fullness…a story in time. It is realised that only Love is real and enduring across and beyond all space and time….that Love is forever enough and fulfilled within itself…exactly as it is…

There is just this…here…now…eternally…with a personal experience seemingly appearing within it.

Whatever is happening is perfection and could be no other way…


Article by Melanie Barrett Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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