The word mandala translates to “circle” and, generally speaking, mandalas are used to represent the universe.

Mandalas appear in all aspects of life: the celestial circles that we call earth, sun and moon, as well as conceptual circles of friends, family and community.

A mandala creates a sacred space which reveals some inner truth about us and the world around us. In this way it has a powerful influence on inner self and how we perceive our connection to the outer world.

Making mandalas allows to symbolically put together fragmented parts of ourself, to join up the pieces to create a pattern that brings harmony and a sense of wholeness.

Making mandalas is a process to connect and create with ‘oneness’.

Mandalas can tell a story of inner self using images, forms and colours to symbolize feelings when words are not enough.

Life is a creative journey.

Mandalas are used to quiet our constant thoughts so that our creative self can be expressed. They give us a point of focus, remind us that nothing is permanent, and connect us to what is truly important. Mandalas are used for healing.

If you meditate by using a mandala, you can experience a relaxed and connected sense of being. You may find a greater personal understanding of yourself and feel that everything in life is connected in some way.

Visitors to Jetavana Grove can acquire any of the presented and displayed mandalas designed and created by Mia and Sauro. For more designs and custom orders please visit their website Mandalas of Light.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.It is the fundamental emotion that stands atthe cradle of true art and true science.”Albert Einstein

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