To connect to others and our surroundings, first, we must connect to ourselves. This is the dichotic complex and simplistic paradox that will enhance the meaning and quality of interactions, relationships and self-discovery. In the midst of entering adulthood, in our modern-day society, individuals plunge themselves into categorical duties as a means of contributing to the system. This is done with minimal understanding of who we are and what we want. By living in the moment and allowing time for reflection and clarity, we can aim to gradually discover the ground upon which our interests, morals and behaviours stem off.

From day one, as expected, we are trained to program our conscious to think ahead. While this may be a useful tool in preparation for the harsh reality of life, it removes the connectivity to what is occurring in the ‘now’. Studies have shown that teenagers in their final year of education, feel a mutual pressure from the adults and influences in their life to: 1. Pick a field in which they excel and 2. Go with that straight away. While considering the requirement for people to participate in the workforce and scholarly programs at the peak of their youth, this obligation gives them only one holy gap year in which freedom can be respected. In this year, imagination, possibilities and choice and prevalent. With accessibility to travel, life can be experienced ! The best mindset to exist is one in which time feels irrelevant. This is living in the moment.

Close your eyes and take yourself to the scene of a main crossing intersection in the city. You are on a bus with your favourite song playing as you lift your head to look up. What you see may not be anything jaw-dropping. But it is. You scan the bus, person after person with heads locked on a device, afraid to look up at one another and smile or express emotion. There is a 7/11 on the corner full of products made to satisfy. But as we take out our phone and pay with apple-pay, we keep it switched on and don’t dedicate the awareness to that donut or slurpie that makes us feel so good. Swarms of people, each one with their own stories, tragedies, love and passion passing one another in avoidance of connection. Try to be that one person to look up. Face that uncomfortableness of reality and remove yourself from the other life you’re living. Now imagine you’re on a tall balcony in Canada in the picturesque alpines of the six o’clock sundown. The fresh air that seems its only made for you fills your lungs as you seep into a chair. The impossible scenic beauty of the mountain peaks and fields entrances you to walk towards it. You run your fingertips on the ledge of the balcony frame and leave a mark in the compacted yet airy snow mound. Now, you take a bite from that 7/11 donut. How do you feel? Although you are alone, you are content. There are no distractions… just you, nature, pleasure and the assuring consistency of time. This is the key. Life shouldn’t be a five-day grind to relax for two-days. While work should exist, time for yourself must be respected in order to enrich your mind and feel stable.

To achieve stability, one must allocate moments of reflection to themselves. These moments go eye to eye (something occurring less and less) to living in the moment. You owe it to yourself to identify what it is you truly want to get out of the scope of time spontaneously given to you on this planet. There are ways to work around the system while still being a contributing member of society. Do not mistake these practices for achieving happiness. Happiness is not constant. It’s a feeling of euphoria that sporadically occurs in memorable moments. Why not maximise this gift? Find our who you are before you create someone you’re not.

Clarity is as easy as understanding the premises of our surroundings. Reflecting on the past, acknowledging the present and considering the future. You create your own reality and if you’re not enjoying what you’ve built, you have the ability to return to yourself for that reminder of what fills you with love. Only then can you truly love another. Of course, there’s no time limit, for some, it’s a lifelong journey. It’s all about learning from experience.

Connections appear to be all around is in the form of global communication resources, charging cables and automatic responses (have a good day). Disney Pixar’s Wall-e isn’t just a crazy idea, it’s a serious potentiality at the rate in which we are producing and consuming, while we are still here, bring it back to old school. Compliment a stranger on their tracks, take a moment, take a few moments and connect. Good ideas, positivity, innocence and wisdom induce constructive progression, give back to others by giving back to yourself.