Jetavana Grove is proudly supporting Stupa Temple of Peace – STOP project.

The construction of a temple is a rare occurrence and is said to bring special blessings to all connected with it, a dedicated place of spiritual worship that will be a source of benefit and joy for generations to come. Being part of a Buddhist temple project is very meritorious.

May everyone bring Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace.

Jetavana Grove invites everyone, all around the world to participate in making origami love hearts that represents unconditional love that expects no reward, knows no fear, does not demand. This Universal Language just shares love and peace and can be understood in the whole universe. Fold the origami love heart, fill it with unconditional love, prayers, words and pictures of peace, then share it with another person somewhere in the world.

Love is the doorway through which the human soulpasses from selfishness to service.

“When we realize that love is our innate design, compassion becomesour natural expression.” Harold W. Becker

Loving unconditionally is a gift of magnificent benevolence, grace and dignity for all.

Love and Peace…one becomes the other.

This love, being unconditional, is without limit or true definition and is both boundless and formless. More than a feeling and a thought, it is part of all creation and transcends our physical existence. Thankfully, this extraordinary spark of life in the center of our being is once again speaking through our hearts.

A peaceful Soul creates a peaceful Earth.BE THE PEACE.

At the completion 1000 origami love hearts will be gifted to Chenrezig InstituteBig Love Café. Thank you for your contribution.

Here is a link on how to fold origami love heart or follow the instruction below.

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